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Question 1: The House of Commons had purported to legislate unilaterally, without approval of the ________, ostensibly in order to regulate the election of its members.
House of LordsPolitics of the United KingdomParliament of the United KingdomHouse of Commons of the United Kingdom

Question 2: Justice ________ famously favored the jot-for-jot incorporation of the entire Bill of Rights.
William O. DouglasJohn Marshall Harlan IIHugo BlackEarl Warren

Question 3: ________, a realist, worried that the Court was overstepping its boundaries, and the following is from one of his last dissents:[38]
Robert BorkRichard PosnerLearned HandOliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Question 4:
Due process, Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
All pages needing cleanup Rights of the accused International law Article sections to be split from September 2009

Question 5: [6] In that case, the House of Commons had deprived John Paty and certain other citizens of the right to vote in an election, and had committed them to ________ merely for the offense of pursuing a legal action in the courts.
Fleet PrisonMarshalseaNewgate PrisonHorsemonger Lane Gaol

Question 6:
Due process, Sovereignty and Sovereign state are all:
International law Rights of the accused Legal doctrines and principles Article sections to be split from September 2009

Question 7: The Court has not taken that course, and some point to the treatment given to the Privileges or Immunities Clause in the 1873 ________ as a reason why.
Joseph P. BradleyNoah Haynes SwayneDavid Davis (Supreme Court justice)Slaughter-House Cases

Question 8: Many non-originalists, like Justice ________, have also been critical of substantive due process.
Ben RoethlisbergerBill DudleyLen DawsonByron White

Question 9: For example, Justice ________ stated as follows, in a 2004 dissent:[25]
John Paul StevensClarence ThomasJohn G. RobertsAntonin Scalia

Question 10: [17] ________ commented on the language of that New York bill of rights: "The words 'due process' have a precise technical import...."[18]
John JayGeorge WashingtonAlexander HamiltonJames Madison

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