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Question 1: The Dude De Ching - A Dudeist holy book based on the ________ and The Big Lebowski
QiTao Te ChingTaoismDaoism–Taoism romanization issue

Question 2: The Dude De Ching is a reinterpretation of the ________ using dialogue and story elements from The Big Lebowski.
QiDaoism–Taoism romanization issueTaoismTao Te Ching

Question 3: The Dudeist belief system is essentially a modernized form of ________ purged of all of its metaphysical and medical doctrines.
TaoismPantheismBuddhismEast Asian religions

Question 4: They list individuals such as Lao Tzu, ________, Heraclitus, The Buddha, and the pre-ecclesiastical Jesus Christ as examples of ancient Dudeist prophets.

Question 5: Dudeism is a religion whose primary objective is to promote a philosophy and lifestyle represented by the character of "the Dude" in the ________' 1998 film The Big Lebowski.
O Brother, Where Art Thou?Coen brothersBarton FinkNo Country for Old Men (film)

Question 6: More recent antecedents include pillars of ________ such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman and humanists such as Kurt Vonnegut and Mark Twain.
American philosophyNew EnglandAmerican literatureTranscendentalism


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