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Duce: Quiz


Question 1: The title was used outside its traditional noble sense in some of the publications praising Garibaldi during the Unification of Italy in ________, though not taken up officially by Garibaldi himself [1].
196119481860November 1

Question 2: Other Italian leaders whose names derive from dux are the Doges of Venice and ________.

Question 3: Due to Benito Mussolini, who gave himself the name "Il Duce" in 1925, it has become associated with ________ and is no longer frequent in contemporary use other than in reference to him.
TotalitarianismFascismNazismItalian Fascism

Question 4: Duce is an Italian word meaning leader or the second, derived from Latin word dux in singular accusative case "ducem" which means to lead, of which ________ is a derivation.


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