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Dublin Core: Quiz


Question 1: OMF is in turn used by ScrollKeeper, which is used by the ________ desktop and KDE help browsers and the ScrollServer documentation server.
LXDEXfceGNOMEEnlightenment (window manager)

Question 2: It will soon be merged with ________, which is ambiguous as to it's OAI support.

Question 3: METS, a metadata standard maintained by the ________ for the Digital Library Federation
United States CongressLibrary of CongressUnited States CapitolUnited States House of Representatives

Question 4: The ________ CMF's Metadata products, used by the Plone, ERP5, the Nuxeo CPS Content management systems, and FedoraCommons also implement Dublin Core.
ZopeJoomlaDrupalSeaside (software)

Question 5: The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is an organization providing an open forum for the development of interoperable online ________ that support a broad range of purposes and business models.
Encoded Archival DescriptionMetadata registryData dictionaryMetadata standards

Question 6: The semantics of Dublin Core were established and are maintained by an international, cross-disciplinary group of professionals from librarianship, ________, text encoding, museums, and other related fields of scholarship and practice.
Software engineeringProgramming paradigmComputer programmingComputer science

Question 7: One ________ based on Dublin Core is the Open Source Metadata Framework (OMF) specification.
XMLDocument Type DefinitionHTMLDocument Type Declaration

Question 8: Implementations of Dublin Core typically make use of XML and are ________ based.
Web Ontology LanguageResource Description FrameworkRDF SchemaHTML

Question 9: The Dublin Core metadata element set is a standard in the fields of library and ________.
Programming paradigmComputer programmingComputer scienceSoftware engineering

Question 10: Dublin Core is widely used to describe digital materials such as video, ________, image, text, and composite media like web pages.
FrequencySound pressureParticle velocitySound


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