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Question 1: One famous example is the Star Wars character ________, portrayed by David Prowse and later Hayden Christensen.
Luke SkywalkerObi-Wan KenobiDarth VaderPrincess Leia Organa

Question 2: Lucasfilm's Star Wars and ________ series are examples.
Indiana JonesThe Young Indiana Jones ChroniclesIndiana Jones (franchise)Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Question 3: Foreign-language films, videos and sometimes video games are often dubbed into the local ________ of their target markets to increase their popularity with the local audience by making them more accessible.

Question 4: However, this practice has declined as a result of the reduction of airtime for the language on ________ TV, and the increase of locally produced material in Afrikaans on other channels like KykNet and MK.
SABC 2South African Broadcasting CorporationChannel AfricaSABC 3

Question 5: The most recent dubbing of Spider-Man 3 was also done in ________, a language popular in northern India.
Punjabi languageHindiUrduBhojpuri language

Question 6: This includes English networks (such as ________) and Spanish networks (such as Telemundo and Telefutura).
Spike (TV channel)MTV2MTV Tr3́sMTV

Question 7: The French-language Télétoon network once aired the Quebec Simpsons dub, as well as Parisian French dubs of Futurama and ________, which were both similar to the Parisian Simpsons dub.
The SimpsonsThe Cleveland ShowFamily Guy (season 4)Family Guy

Question 8: Dubbing is the post-production process of recording and replacing voices on a ________ or television soundtrack subsequent to the original shooting schedule.
Movie theaterFilmmakingIndependent filmFilm

Question 9: In ________, movies and TV series are always released dubbed in French.
CanadaUnited KingdomItalyFrance

Question 10: In Catalonia, the Valencian Community, the ________, Galicia and the Basque Country, many or most foreign programmes are also dubbed into their own official languages, different from Spanish.
LusitaniaHispaniaPontusBalearic Islands

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