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Question 1: Most dry lakes are small, however Salar de Uyuni in ________, near Potosí, the largest salt flat in the world is of 4,085 square miles (10,582 square km).

Question 2: Alkali flats are known by this name in some parts of ________ and the western United States.

Question 3: Such flats consist of fine-grained sediments infused with alkali ________.
WaterSaltHypertensionSodium chloride

Question 4: In ________, the usual term for a dry lake is salar, Spanish for "salt pan".
AmericasLatin AmericaSouth AmericaNorth America

Question 5: Pan is the term used in most of ________.
South AfricaCanadaMauritiusSierra Leone

Question 6: Examples include ________ in Nevada, and Edwards Air Force Base (originally known as Muroc Dry Lake) in California.
Area 51Mantell UFO incidentAlien abductionS-4 (Sector Four)

Question 7: The largest concentration of dry lakes in the world (nearly 22,000) is in the southern High Plains of Texas and eastern ________.
New MexicoColoradoIllinoisMontana

Question 8: Hardpan is a dry terminus of an internally drained basin in a dry climate, typically used in the ________ of the western US.
Great PlainsPacific NorthwestGreat BasinWestern United States

Question 9: On the ________ and other parts of the Southern High Plains, playa refers to a dry lake, a smaller seasonal depression.
Llano EstacadoHigh Plains (United States)Permian Basin (North America)Amarillo, Texas

Question 10: A playa lake is formed when rain fills this hole with water, creating a small ________.
LakeVolcanoGreat LakesEndorheic basin


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