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Question 1: The Linndrum can be heard on records such as ________' Rhythm of Youth and The Cars' Heartbeat City.
Men Without HatsThe Safety DancePop Goes the World (song)Collection (Men Without Hats album)

Question 2: The German krautrock band Can also used a drum machine on their album ________ (1971), especially in the song "Peking O".
Tago MagoFuture DaysEge BamyasiSoundtracks (Can album)

Question 3: Most modern drum machines are sequencers with a sample playback (rompler) or ________ component that specializes in the reproduction of drum timbres as well as the sound of other traditional percussion instruments.
Digital audio editorSound recording and reproductionMixing consoleSynthesizer

Question 4: A drum machine, also referred to as a drum pad, is an electronic musical instrument designed to imitate the sound of ________ and/or other percussion instruments.
DrumNaqarehDafGoblet drum

Question 5: For example, a snare drum or maraca sound would typically be created using a burst of white noise whereas a ________ sound would be made using sine waves or other basic waveforms.
CymbalBass drumTom-tom drumRototom

Question 6: Because these early drum machines came out before the introduction of ________ in 1983, they used a variety of methods of having their rhythms synchronized to other electronic devices.
Universal Serial BusEIA-422Bus (computing)Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 7: A key difference between such early machines and more modern equipment is that they used analog sound synthesis rather than ________ sampling in order to generate their sounds.
Digital audioIntegrated circuitDigital electronicsDigital

Question 8: Though features vary from model to model, many modern drum machines can also produce unique sounds (though usually percussive in nature), and allow the user to compose unique ________.
Beat (music)RhythmMeter (music)Time signature

Question 9: The famous ________ was also launched in 1980.
Roland Rhythm 33Roland TR-808Hip hop musicRoland CR-78

Question 10: The ________ Drum Computer (released in 1980, and expensive at $4,999) was the first drum machine to use digital samples.
Giorgio MoroderLinn LM-1The Human LeagueJanet Jackson


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