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Question 1: On the other hand, drones may be purposely dissonant, as often found in the music of ________.
Microtonal musicPhill NiblockLee RanaldoDavid First

Question 2: ________ or "dronology" - a post-classical, minimalist music genre with heavy emphasis on the drone harmonic effect.
Drone musicAmbient musicDark ambientNew Age music

Question 3: A pedal point may be a form of ________ and thus required to resolve unlike a drone, or a pedal point may simply be considered a shorter drone, a drone being a longer pedal point.
Nonchord toneNoteTonalityChord (music)

Question 4: Drone metal - a form of heavy metal music focusing almost entirely on droning, heavily downtuned electric guitar and ________, often lacking vocals or drums.
Lead guitarJazz guitarSteel-string acoustic guitarBass guitar

Question 5: It most often establishes a ________ upon which the rest of the piece is built.
Musical modeMusical scaleHarmonyTonality

Question 6: The music of Italian composer ________ is essentially drone-based.
Arnold SchoenbergGiacinto ScelsiIgor StravinskyJohn Cage

Question 7: the sitar, the sarod, the ________ and the rudra veena) contain a drone.
SarangiGoon laBhusyahNewa music

Question 8: Drone is the name of the part of a ________ intended to produce the drone effect's sustained pitch, generally without the ongoing attention of the player.
Musical instrumentClassical musicMusical notationByzantine lyra

Question 9: In ________, a drone is a harmonic or monophonic effect or accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded throughout most or all of a piece.
Musical notationMusicClassical musicMusic theory

Question 10: In the West, they are found since the 1960s in modern ________.
New Age musicAmbient musicDrone musicMinimalist music


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