Driftless Area: Quiz

Question 1: Soil erosion, a bad thing in general, presents the ________ with a particular problem, in that it requires them to dredge the Mississippi to keep the Mississippi River shipping channels open.
Chief of Staff of the United States ArmyUnited States Army Corps of EngineersUnited States ArmyFlag of the United States Army

Question 2: Taliesin itself is built from local ________ and set on the brow of a rugged hill, for the specific purpose of emphasizing its ties to the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin.
Carbonate rockLimestoneSedimentary rockKarst topography

Question 3: ________, together with the Iowa cities of Marquette and McGregor constitute the only other metropolitan area.
Soldiers Grove, WisconsinWauzeka, WisconsinPrairie du Chien (town), WisconsinPrairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Question 4: The Saint Croix in Wisconsin is another important river in the Driftless Area, as it was the outlet for Glacial Lake Duluth, forerunner to ________, when the eastern outlet was blocked by the continental ice sheet.
Great LakesLake MichiganLake HuronLake Superior

Question 5: Metropolitan areas have flood walls (See ________).
Driftless Area2007 Midwest floodingIllinoisChicago

Question 6: Maps and signs issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation indicate Waukon and Lansing are 17 miles (27 km) apart on ________.
Allamakee County, IowaLyon County, IowaIowa Highway 9Driftless Area

Question 7: The border is defined by the catchment of the Chippewa River on the north, and somewhat west of the north-south line of the ________.
Black Hawk WarBad Axe MassacrePecatonica RiverWisconsin River

Question 8: An interesting connection with the landscape of the region is Taliesin, home of American architect ________, who advocated organic integration of a structure with its natural surroundings.
Frank Lloyd WrightDarwin D. Martin HouseChicagoRobie House

Question 9: There are no real ________, but some very strong springs bear the name.
United StatesUnited KingdomWaterfallCanada

Question 10: The Green Bay and Lake Michigan lobes were also partially blocked by the bedrock of the Door Peninsula, which presently separates Green Bay from ________.
Lake HuronLake MichiganNorthern MichiganGreat Lakes

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Driftless_Area)