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Dreyse M1907: Quiz


Question 1: The Dreyse M1907 pistol was the first semi-automatic weapon used by a civilian police force - the Royal Saxon Gendarmerie and the ________ police.

Question 2: The Dreyse Model 1907 is a ________ designed by Louis Schmeisser.
Semi-automatic pistolBrowning Hi-PowerM1911 pistolHandgun

Question 3: The Dreyse Factory went into decline after the ________ adopted the Mauser in 1872.
German Army Forces CommandBundeswehrGerman ArmyGermany

Question 4: The Dreyse design was strongly influenced by John Browning's ________, though the Browning had its recoil spring above the barrel, while the Dreyse had a concentric recoil spring.
.38 ACPColt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless.380 ACPColt M1900

Question 5: Also used by officers of ________ during World War I.
Holy Roman EmpireGerman EmpireAustria–HungaryGerman colonial empire

Question 6: The Waffenfabrik von Dreyse was founded around 1841 to manufacture the famous Dreyse ________ for the Prussian Army, and they also made needle-pistols and caplock revolvers.
KammerladerNeedle gunChassepotCartridge (firearms)

Question 7: Marked as the RM & M Dreyse, it was chambered for ________.
9x19mm Parabellum.40 S&W.357 Magnum.45 ACP

Question 8: Primarily used by Austrian troops during World War I, especially officers of the Austro-Hungarian ________ Empire.
House of BonaparteHouse of BourbonHouse of HabsburgHohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Question 9: Examples saw use by ________ troops (especially officers) during World War II.
Albert KesselringEastern Front (World War II)Adolf HitlerWehrmacht


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