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  • throughout the Western world until the 19th or 20th century, young boys wore dresses (example pictured) until they were breeched at an age varying between two and eight?
  • the self-made dress that Barbara Dex wore while performing "Iemand Als Jij" at the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest led to the creation of an award for the worst-dressed performer in the contest?
  • less than two months after showing what would become the dress of the season for Spring 2006, Roland Mouret split from his backers and took a two-year hiatus from the fashion industry?

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Question 1: Gown, a dress with a fitted or tight bodice and a straight or full skirt, worn for formal occasions like a banquet, an ________, or a gala
French operaFachThe opera corpusOpera

Question 2: In addition, some dress styles, particularly those with ________, can be difficult or even impossible to don or remove without assistance.
BrassiereBack closureBlack tieByzantine dress

Question 3: In Europe and America, dresses are worn by females of all ages as an alternative to a separate skirt and blouse or ________.
KiltCottonWomen wearing pantsTrousers

Question 4: ________ dress - has a neckline which is formed by two pieces of fabric wrapping around each other creating a V-neck.
AlbSurpliceStole (vestment)Vestment

Question 5: Chanel's ________ (1920s and on)
FashionLittle black dressRayonNecktie

Question 6: Dresses are, like other outer clothing, usually worn with ________.

Question 7: Shirtwaist, a dress with a bodice (waist) like a tailored ________ and an attached straight or full skirt
Collar (clothing)ShirtClothing terminologyBlouse

Question 8: In ________, dresses are usually considered women's and little girls' clothing.
Western cultureWestern worldEuropeModern history

Question 9: The hemline of dresses can be as high as the upper thigh or as low as the ground, depending on the whims of ________ and the modesty or personal taste of the wearer.
Byzantine dressEarly medieval European dressAnglo-Saxon dressFashion

Question 10: Dresses had a "day" bodice with a high neckline and long sleeves, and an "evening" bodice with a low neckline (________) and very short sleeves.
CorsetBrassiereCleavage (breasts)Lingerie

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