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Question 1: Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to ________.
Rapid eye movement sleepSleepDreamLucid dream

Question 2: Jung believed that ________ such as the animus, the anima, the shadow and others manifested themselves in dreams, as dream symbols or figures.
ArchetypeLiteratureSuperheroThe Tempest

Question 3: In modern times, various schools of ________ have offered theories about the meaning of dreams.
Cognitive neuroscienceNeuropsychologySigmund FreudPsychology

Question 4: He writes that it is important for a layperson to seek assistance from a an ________ (Muslim scholar) who could guide in the interpretation of dreams with a proper understanding of the cultural context and other such causes and interpretations.
FiqhUlemaShariaIslamic Golden Age

Question 5: [7] ________ (Alkindus) (801–873) also wrote a treatise on dream interpretation entitled On Sleep and Dreams.
Abu Rayhan BiruniNasir al-Din al-TusiAl-KindiAlhazen

Question 6: Psychosocial development
Psychic apparatus
Id, ego, and super-ego
Ego defenses
ConsciousnessHenri BergsonIdeaGottfried Leibniz

Question 7: One of the seminal works on the subject is The Interpretation of Dreams by ________.
Immanuel KantWilliam JamesSigmund FreudExistentialism

Question 8: Dream interpretation was taken up as part of ________ at the end of the 19th century; the perceived, manifest content of a dream is analyzed to reveal its latent meaning to the psyche of the dreamer.
Sigmund FreudPsychotherapyPsychoanalysisAnalytical psychology

Question 9: One of the earliest examples of dream interpretation comes from the Babylonian ________ [1][2] Gilgamesh dreamt that an axe fell from the sky.
EnkiduDeluge mythEpic of GilgameshAga of Kish

Question 10: Lacanian

Defence mechanismEgo psychologyMelanie KleinObject relations theory


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