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Question 1: These filaments still have an ________ structure, so they are drawn to align the fibers further, thus increasing crystallinity, tensile strength and stiffness.
GlassSolidAmorphous solidGlass transition

Question 2: For ________, the fiber is stretched four times its spun length.

Question 3: The reduction in area is usually restricted to 20 to 50%, because greater reductions would exceed the tensile strength of the material, depending on its ________.

Question 4: This technique has long been used to produce flexible ________ wire by drawing the material through a series of dies of decreasing size.
NonmetalNoble gasHalogenMetal

Question 5: Cold drawing is primarily used in manufacturing ________ fibers.
Polyvinyl chloridePolystyrenePlasticPolycarbonate

Question 6: Drawing is a ________ process which uses tensile forces to stretch metal.
Brake (sheet metal bending)ForgingMetalworkingMetalworking terminology

Question 7: ________ are formed by drawing aluminium stock over can-shaped dies.
Die (manufacturing)MagnesiumBeverage canCoca-Cola

Question 8: The crystals formed during drawing are held together by hydrogen bonds between the ________ hydrogens of one chain and the carbonyl oxygens of another chain.

Question 9: By comparison, ________ forces metal into a female mold using pressure.
Sheet metalSwagingHydroformingBrazing

Question 10: [1] Steels, copper alloys, and ________ are common materials that are drawn.
Aluminium alloyScandiumVanadiumTitanium


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