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Dravograd: Quiz


Question 1: Highway No. 3 leading from ________ to the Austrian border runs through the town, where highway No.

Question 2: In the ________, the area of Dravograd witnessed an important process of industrialization.
Polish‚ÄďLithuanian CommonwealthInterwar periodEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 3: From 976 on the area of Dravograd was part of the ________.
Duchy of CarniolaArchduchy of AustriaDuchy of StyriaDuchy of Carinthia

Question 4: The town of Dravograd itself however remained in the hands of the volunteers acting in the name of ________.
German AustriaAustrian EmpireAustria‚ÄďHungaryHabsburg Monarchy

Question 5: Physical violence between the pro-Nazi organization and the local section of the ________ movement were common.

Question 6: The 19th century was a period of national awakening of the ________, and also of the rise of competing nationalisms: the Slovene and the ethnic German.
Hungarian SlovenesCarinthia (state)Carinthian SlovenesSlovene Americans

Question 7: In 1939 and in 1940, two mass anti-Nazi rallies were held in the municipality of Dravograd, organized by patriotic and nationalist Slovene organizations, mostly of ________ orientation.
MarxismSocialismCommunismLeft-wing politics

Question 8: Vehicle registration plate prefix: SG (________)
MariborCeljeLjubljanaSlovenj Gradec

Question 9: With the Treaty of Saint Germain of 1919, Dravograd became part of the ________ (Yugoslavia).
Kingdom of YugoslaviaSocialist Federal Republic of YugoslaviaSerbiaCroatia

Question 10: In the 1930s, social tensions grew as the consequence of the world economic crisis, as did the tensions between the small ________ minority and the Slovene-speaking majority.
German ArgentineAfrikanerEthnic GermansVolksdeutsche

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