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Dravidian languages: Quiz


Question 1:
What region does Dravidian languages belong to?

Question 2:
What region does Telugu language belong to?

Question 3: Dravidian languages are also characterized by a three-way distinction between dental, alveolar, and ________ places of articulation as well as large numbers of liquids.
Alveolo-palatal consonantUvular consonantRetroflex consonantPostalveolar consonant

Question 4: Some linguists explain this asymmetry by arguing that Middle Indo-Aryan languages were built on a Dravidian ________.
SpainFranceStratum (linguistics)English language

Question 5:
What family does Tulu language belong to?

Question 6:
Which out of the following is a child of Dravidian languages?

Question 7:
Who of the following spoke at the Malayalam?
approx. 500,000-600,000
u2022, 94,310 in Qatar

Question 8: Caldwell coined the term "Dravidian" from the ________ drāvida, which was used in a 7th century text to refer to the Tamil language of the south of India.

Question 9: There is no definite philological and linguistic basis for asserting unilaterally that the name ________ also forms the origin of the word Tamil (Dravida -> Dramila -> Tamizha or Tamil).
IndiaSouth IndiaYakshaganaTulu Nadu

Question 10: For instance, Tamil, like Finnish, Korean, Ainu, and most ________, does not distinguish between voiced and unvoiced stops.
Enindhilyagwa languageTiwi languageGaagudju languageIndigenous Australian languages


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