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Dramaturgy: Quiz


Question 1: In western canon the seminal work is the Poetics by ________ (written around 335 BC).
PlatoBertrand RussellAristotleEmpiricism

Question 2: Although she made her claim only after the show became a big hit, the case is not without precedent, for 15% of the royalties of ________ go to the author's dramaturg.
Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National ThemesThe Heidi ChroniclesFences (play)Lost in Yonkers

Question 3: Many directors and playwrights have since written about their own dramaturgical thinking, including ________, Jerzy Grotowski, and David Mamet.
Baal (play)Mother Courage and Her ChildrenNon-Aristotelian dramaBertolt Brecht

Question 4: Lynn Thomson, ________'s dramaturg on the musical Rent, claimed that she was a co-author of the work and that she never assigned, licensed or otherwise transferred her rights.
Neil SimonMarsha NormanJonathan LarsonJames Kirkwood, Jr.

Question 5: Many of his "rules" are often associated with "Aristotelian drama", where ________ is a weakness and where the action is structured economically.
TragedyPlot deviceAncient GreeceDeus ex machina

Question 6: Many key concepts of drama, such as anagnorisis and ________, are discussed in the Poetics.
PsychoanalysisRational emotive behavior therapyPsychotherapyCatharsis


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