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Drainage: Quiz


Question 1: ________ by subsurface drainage
SahysModSoil salinity controlDrainage researchHydrology (agriculture)

Question 2: Turf cutting (Peat mining), subsidence and shoreline erosion gradually caused the formation of one large lake, the ________, or lake of Haarlem.

Question 3: In the northern USA and ________, glaciation created numerous small lakes which gradually filled with humus to make marshes.
EuropeEastern EuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 4: This completely secures them from the possibility of being damaged by the treading of horses or ________, and being so far below the small drains, clears the water finely out of them.
DeerWater BuffaloWild boarCattle

Question 5: Geotextiles are synthetic textile fabrics specially manufactured for civil and ________ applications.
Environmental Engineering ScienceEnvironmental technologyEnvironmental engineeringSanitary engineering

Question 6: Site engineers work alongside ________ and construction managers, supervisors, planners, quantity surveyors, the general workforce, as well as subcontractors.
Civil engineeringArchitectArchitectural engineeringDesign-bid-build

Question 7: The area between ________, Haarlem and Leiden was, in prehistoric times swampland and small lakes.

Question 8: Some of these were drained using open ditches and trenches to make mucklands, which are primarily used for high value crops such as ________.
VegetableFoodFruitMedieval cuisine

Question 9: Modern drainage systems incorporate geotextile filters that retain and prevent fine grains of ________ from passing into and clogging the drain.
SoilClayWater wellLandslide

Question 10: In moist climates, soils may be adequate for cropping with the exception that they become waterlogged for brief periods each year, from snow melt or from heavy ________.
RainEarth rainfall climatologyPrecipitation (meteorology)Thunderstorm


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