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Dragunov sniper rifle: Quiz


Question 1: For precision shooting, specifically designed ________ cartridges are used, developed by V.
Sniper rifleUnited States Marine CorpsSpecial forcesSniper

Question 2: Since then, the Dragunov has become the standard squad support weapon of several countries, including those of the former ________.
Eastern BlocComeconWarsaw PactIron Curtain

Question 3:
What mountain range is Dragunov sniper rifle a part of?
Up to 800 m sight adjustments for point targets
1m2 target: 27 km
400m point target
800 to 1000 yards max 200 to 300 effective

Question 4: Newer production models feature synthetic furniture made of a black ________ - the handguard and gas tube cover are more or less identical in appearance, while the thumbhole stock is of a different shape.
PolymerPlasticPolymer chemistryNylon

Question 5:
What kind of service does Dragunov sniper rifle get?

Question 6:
How long is Dragunov sniper rifle?
G41A2/A3:, stock extended /, stock folded
stock extended /, stock folded
R6:, stock extended /, stock folded
APR338:, stock extended /, stock folded

Question 7:
What type is thing is Dragunov sniper rifle?

Question 8: The rifle features mechanically adjustable backup ________ with a sliding tangent rear sight (the sight can be adjusted to a maximum range of 1,200 m).
Telescopic sightInternal ballisticsIron sightFirearm

Question 9: Zastava M91, a Serbian designated marksman/sniper rifle that resembles the SVD, chambered in ________.
7.62x54mmR14.5x114mm7.62x25mm Tokarev7.62x38mmR

Question 10: ________, the rifle replaced by the SVD.
SG-43 GoryunovTT pistolMosin–NagantDShK

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