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Question 1:

Question 2: The Dracula of Castlevania is based on ________'s character in the novel of the same name, which was in turn very similar to the infamous Vlad III Dracula of Wallachia.
Abbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinDracula: Dead and Loving ItBram StokerAbraham Van Helsing

Question 3: He has a very heavyset and muscular looking face in the ________ Castlevania games, whereas he has a more thin and elegant face in Symphony of the Night and the first two hand held games.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo GameCubeSuper Nintendo Entertainment System

Question 4: (This name may be a reference to Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, a man known to have had ties with the real, historical Vlad Dracula.) Together, the two formed an undefeatable company, that fought in the name of ________.

Question 5: Dracula (ドラキュラ Dorakyura ?), whose full name is Dracula Vlad Tepes, is a fictional vampire from the multi-platform ________ video game series.
Castlevania (Nintendo 64 video game)Castlevania: The ArcadeCastlevaniaCastlevania (video game)

Question 6: It is said he chose the ________ "Alucard" ("Dracula" spelled backwards) for his new name as a symbolic gesture, reflecting his desire to oppose his father's designs.
AnagramCryptographyPalindromeSubliminal stimuli

Question 7: In just about every game, he wears very aristocratic clothing, whether it be a tuxedo (a la ________) or some sort of royal garb (complete with medals and medallions).
Boris KarloffBéla Lugosi filmographyBéla LugosiDracula (1931 film)

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