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Dracula (1979 film): Quiz


Question 1: Set in Whitby, England (circa 1910's) Count Dracula (________) arrives from Transylvania via the ship Demeter one stormy night.
Al PacinoFrank LangellaIan HolmAlan Arkin

Question 2: However, the two doctors manage to give Lucy a ________ to help prevent her vampirism, but nothing can stop the inevitable now.
Blood donationIntraoperative blood salvageBlood transfusionTransfusion reaction

Question 3: In a race against time, Harker and Van Helsing just manage to get onboard a ship carrying the vampire cargo bound for ________.

Question 4: The film also starred Laurence Olivier as Professor ________, Donald Pleasence as Dr.
Dracula (Marvel Comics)Abraham Van HelsingDracula 2000Dracula in popular culture

Question 5: This list is not exhaustive, but intended to convey a sense of the differences between the ________ and the novel:
Independent filmFilmMovie theaterFilmmaking

Question 6: Jack Seward (________), whose clifftop mansion also serves as the local asylum.
Halloween (1978 film)Donald PleasenceHarold PinterPeter Cushing

Question 7: Seward calls for Mina's father, Professor Abraham Van Helsing (________).
Laurence OlivierJohn GielgudJack LemmonAlec Guinness

Question 8: The entire storyline about what happens in ________ is omitted (as, consequently, are the Brides of Dracula).

Question 9: The original music score is composed by renowned composer ________.
American Football LeagueRandy EdelmanNFL on NBCJohn Williams

Question 10: Notable for its Edwardian setting, and strikingly designed by ________, the play ran for over 900 performances between October 1977 and January 1980.
Theoni V. AldredgeEdward GoreyPatricia ZipprodtWilliam Ivey Long


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