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Question 1:
What role did Edward Van Sloan play in the movie Dracula?
Dr. Enrico Valenzi
Van Helsing
Count Dracula/Vlad III Draculea

Question 2:
Who played Eric the movie Dracula?
Nehemiah Persoff
David Manners
Jimmy Bean
David Suchet

Question 3:
Where does Dracula come from?
Kingdom of Great Britain
/ Ireland
Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Question 4:
Who played Prof. van Helsing the movie Dracula?
Whett Wheetie
Hermann Hartmann
Michael Gough
Bela Lugosi

Question 5:
What role did Carlamaria Heim play in the movie Dracula?
Mina Murray/Elisabeta

Question 6:
Which of the following genres does Bram Stoker produce?

Question 7:
Who played Mina the movie Dracula?
Penelope Horner
Kate Nelligan
Pamela Brown

Question 8:
What role did Alessio Boni play in the movie Dracula?
Doctor Van Helsing

Question 9:
Who played Van Helsing the movie Dracula?
Whett Wheetie
Jack Palance
Nigel Davenport
Marc Warren

Question 10:
What role did Simon Ward play in the movie Dracula?
Count Dracula
Dr. Enrico Valenzi
Count Dracula/Vlad III Draculea

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