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Dr. Tran: Quiz


Question 1: Many ________ conventions around the US often have underground screenings of the shorts as well.
Silhouette animationAnimationAnimeTraditional animation

Question 2: Tran aired on G4's Late Night Peep Show on ________.
G4 (TV channel)ComcastVersus (TV channel)SportsNet New York

Question 3: Hotel Soap - An anthropomorphic bar of soap with visible perfumed ________.
Reproductive systemProstatePenisTesticle

Question 4: Here Comes Dr. Tran (2003) at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseCDNOWBox Office

Question 5: After it became available on ________, dozens of bootlegs of the video were uploaded to YouTube and hundreds of blogs began linking to it, greatly increasing its popularity.
ComcastG4 (TV channel)SportsNet New YorkVersus (TV channel)

Question 6: Tran shows up annually at the San Diego Comic-Con with Spike & Mike, and at film festivals such as Sundance and ________.

Question 7: Fruit Hat Lady - A large old woman asleep in a subway station in the short, "Fruit Hat." She gets cookie recipes from ________, and is the one who showed him "the creek".
MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough PerformanceJames Van Der BeekKirsten DunstEminem

Question 8: Grandma Norma has an obsession with taking off her top and getting killed by ________.
Greg Kinnear2005 in film2006 in film2008 in film

Question 9: Suddenly, a voice, from an unseen narrator, begins to deliver a bombastic ________-style monologue praising the boy as the greatest action hero the world has ever known-- an action hero whom the narrator calls "Dr.
Stanley KubrickJohn Beal (composer)Film trailerFilm score

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