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Question 1: According to Hansen, the show has steadily lost advertisers, and as such, he had to restructure the distribution of the show from the usual ________ system to a system in which stations pay a rights fee for the program.
Gift economyBarterOpen economyAnarchist economics

Question 2:
Dr. Demento name is associated with which of these acts?

Question 3:
What is Dr. Demento also known as?
Dream, Dreamer
Sammy Jefferson
Dr. Demento

Question 4: Demento features the song "Second Week of Deer Camp" by Michigan comedy music group ________.
Da YoopersLead guitarGuitarBass guitar

Question 5:
What years was Dr. Demento active?
1972 - 1985, 2005 - Present
1995 - present

Question 6:
On what date was Dr. Demento born?

Question 7:
What was Dr. Demento's birth name?
Michael Parsberg-Hansen
Warren Eugene Hansen
Barret Eugene Hansen
Edgar Eugene Roland Jr.

Question 8: WPYX 106.5 FM: ________
Green Island, New YorkAlbany, New YorkAlbany County, New YorkCapital District

Question 9: His weekly show went into national syndication in a two-hour all-novelty format in 1974[1], and during 1978–92 was syndicated by the ________ Radio Network.
Westwood OneWFANCBS Radio NetworkKAMP-FM

Question 10:
Which of the following genres does Dr. Demento produce?


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