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Question 1: As early as 1518 ________ listed dowsing for metals as an act that broke the first commandment (i.e., as occultism).
Martin LutherPhilipp MelanchthonProtestant ReformationLutheranism

Question 2: More recently a study[23] was undertaken in ________, Germany under the direction of the Gesellschaft zur Wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften (GWUP) [Society for the Scientific Investigation of the Parasciences].
KasselFrankfurt am MainDarmstadtOffenbach am Main

Question 3: The use of divining rods was a popular branch of folk magic in early 19th century ________.
Northeastern United StatesSouthern United StatesNew EnglandMidwestern United States

Question 4: In the late 1960s during the ________, some United States Marines used dowsing to attempt to locate weapons and tunnels.
Korean WarCold WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 5: Straight rods are also sometimes used for the same purposes, and were not uncommon in early 19th century ________.
Midwestern United StatesNortheastern United StatesSouthern United StatesNew England

Question 6: Oliver Cowdery, the ________ scribe and "Second Elder" of the Church, used a divining rod for revelatory purposes.
Historical authenticity of the Book of MormonChristianityBook of MormonJoseph Smith, Jr.

Question 7: [6] This gift later became known in the revelation as "the gift of Aaron", referencing Moses' brother ________'s use of a rod in the Old Testament.
AaronIsaacAbrahamEnoch (Biblical figure)

Question 8: A ________ of crystal, metal or other materials suspended on a chain is sometimes used in divination and dowsing.
EscapementPendulumKater's pendulumPendulum clock

Question 9: ________’s 1982 book Flim-Flam! devotes 19 pages to comprehensive double-blind tests done in Italy which yielded results no better than chance.
Michael ShermerPsychokinesisParapsychologyJames Randi

Question 10: The early leaders in ________, a religion that erupted out of that environment, were not exempt.
Joseph Smith, Jr.MormonismMormonism and ChristianityBrigham Young

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