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Question 1: As the cold air balloon hits the ground it spreads out and a mesoscale front can be observed as a ________.
ThunderstormTornadoOutflow boundaryWind

Question 2: Unlike winds in a ________, winds in a downburst are directed outwards from the point where it hits land or water.
MeteorologySevere weatherThunderstormTornado

Question 3: Downbursts create vertical wind shear or ________ which is dangerous to aviation.
Convective storm detectionDelta Air Lines Flight 191MicroburstOutflow boundary

Question 4: Most downbursts are less than 2.5 miles (4 km) in extent: these are called ________.
MicroburstWind shearConvective storm detectionOutflow boundary

Question 5: [4] Such rotational damage patterns are associated with cyclonic storms including ________ and tropical cyclones.
Severe weatherMeteorologyThunderstormTornado

Question 6: Dry downbursts are associated with ________ with very little rain, while wet downbursts are created by thunderstorms with high amounts of rainfall.
ThunderstormSevere weatherPrecipitation (meteorology)Meteorology


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