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Question 1: Downbelow Station is a science fiction novel written by ________ and published in 1981 by DAW Books.
Alternate historyNorwesconParallel universe (fiction)C. J. Cherryh

Question 2: ________ by Vernor Vinge (2000)
A Deepness in the SkyHugo Award for Best NovelA Fire Upon the DeepScience fiction

Question 3: The filk song "Signy Mallory" by Mercedes Lackey and ________ won the 2005 Pegasus Award for Best Space Opera Song.
Science fiction fandomFan fictionC. J. CherryhLeslie Fish

Question 4: The working title of the book was The Company War, but Cherryh's editor at DAW, ________, believed that the moniker lacked commercial appeal, so Downbelow Station was selected as the title for publication.
Science fictionCyril M. KornbluthDonald A. WollheimAce Books

Question 5: The book details events centering on a space station in orbit around Pell's World (also known as "Downbelow") in the ________ star system.
Tau CetiBeta Ceti94 CetiKappa1 Ceti

Question 6: The book is set in Cherryh's ________ during the Company Wars period, specifically late 2352 and early 2353.
C. J. Cherryh bibliographyDownbelow StationC. J. CherryhAlliance-Union universe


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