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Dover Beach: Quiz


Question 1: ________'s character, Cal Gold, in the film The Anniversary Party recites part of "Dover Beach" as a toast.
Kevin KlineKevin SpaceyBoyd GainesGeorge Hearn

Question 2: ________ composed a setting of "Dover Beach" for string quartet and baritone.
Arturo ToscaniniSamuel BarberGeorge SzellLeopold Stokowski

Question 3: Even in the U. S. Supreme Court the poem has had its influence: Justice William Rehnquist, in his concurring opinion in ________, 458 U.S.
United States district courtNorthern Pipeline Co. v. Marathon Pipe Line Co.Thurgood MarshallUnited States magistrate judge

Question 4: ________ responds directly to Arnold's pessimism in his four-line poem, "The Nineteenth Century and After" (1929):
William Butler YeatsThomas Westropp BennettAndrew Jameson (politician)James Campbell, 1st Baron Glenavy

Question 5: For a more thorough bibliography see ________.
Arthur Hugh CloughPoetryThomas ArnoldMatthew Arnold

Question 6: The simile with which the poem ends is most likely an allusion to a passage in Thucydides' account of the ________.
Corinthian WarPeloponnesian WarGreco-Persian WarsClassical Athens

Question 7: "Dover Beach" is a short lyric poem by English poet ________.
Matthew ArnoldThomas ArnoldArthur Hugh CloughThe Scholar Gipsy

Question 8: Sophocles, a 5th century BC Greek playwright who wrote tragedies of fate and the will of the gods, also heard this same sound as he stood upon the shore of the ________.
Aegean SeaSamos IslandGreeceAegean civilizations

Question 9: The title locale and subject of the poem's descriptive opening lines is the shore of the English ferry port of ________, facing France at the narrowest part of the English Channel, where Arnold honeymooned in 1851.
FolkestoneRiver, KentMaidstoneDover


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