Dover, New Hampshire: Quiz

Question 1: As of the ________[5] of 2000, there were 26,884 people, 11,573 households, and 6,492 families residing in the city.

Question 2: They had been sent from ________ by The Company of Laconia, which intended to establish a colony and fishery around the Piscataqua.

Question 3: Incorporated as a city in 1855, Dover was for a time a national leader in ________.
Textile printingWeavingSilkTextile

Question 4: The rest were sold into ________ in "foreign parts." Richard Waldron would be appointed Chief Justice for New Hampshire in 1683.
SlaveryUniversal suffrageAntisemitismRacism

Question 5: Dover is a city in Strafford County, ________, in the United States of America.
Concord, New HampshireManchester, New HampshireNew HampshireMassachusetts

Question 6: Expansive brick mill buildings, linked by ________, were constructed downtown.
TrainRail transportTrain stationTransport

Question 7: ________, Irish folk musician, and his sons The Makem Brothers
Liam ClancyPatrick ClancyThe Clancy BrothersTommy Makem

Question 8: Consequently, in 1641, the plantation was sold to ________ and again named Dover, possibly in honor of Robert Dover, an English lawyer who resisted Puritanism.
Rhode IslandConnecticutMassachusettsMaine

Question 9: On September 7, 1676, Waldron invited about 400 Indians to participate in a mock battle against the ________.
United StatesBritish EmpireCanadaMilitia

Question 10: ________, swimmer and gold medalist
Amy Van DykenDara TorresAngel MartinoJenny Thompson

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