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Question 1: The airframe is rated as having "zero accumulated fatigue damage." This and extensive modifications to various systems and ________ result in a practically brand-new aircraft.
Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting SystemAvionicsTraffic Collision Avoidance SystemGlobal Positioning System

Question 2:
How many Douglas DC-3s have been built?
DC-10: 386
16,079: 10,655, + 4,937, + 487

Question 3:
What company manufactures Douglas DC-3?

Question 4: The Douglas DC-3 is an American fixed-wing, propeller-driven ________ whose speed and range revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 1940s.
AircraftDouble-deck aircraftBusiness jetWide-body aircraft

Question 5:
What is Douglas DC-3's current status?
>400 in limited use
syndicated on TV Land

Question 6:
What type is thing is Douglas DC-3?
Airliner, later used as a bomber
Airliner and transport aircraft
Airliner / Freighter
6-passenger airliner

Question 7:
What is the capacity of Douglas DC-3?
21-32 passengers

Question 8:
Which of the following are related to Douglas DC-3?
* C-47 Skytrainn* AC-47 Spookyn* Lisunov Li-2n* Basler BT-67
Dja Dja Wurrung, Jardwadjali, Dhauwurd wurrung and Wada wurrung
*Mitsubishi 2MR

Question 9: ________: 25.5 lb/ft² (125 kg/m²)
F-104 StarfighterF-16 Fighting FalconWing loadingGlider (sailplane)

Question 10: 10,655 DC-3s were built at Santa Monica, California, ________, and Oklahoma City in both civil DC-3 (607) and military C-47 (10,048) versions.
Santa Clarita, CaliforniaLos AngelesLong Beach, CaliforniaGlendale, California


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