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Question 1: Like many other ________, the double bass is played either with a bow (arco) or by plucking the strings (pizzicato).
GuqinString instrumentViolinMusical instrument

Question 2: It is uncertain whether the instrument is a descendant of the ________ or from the violin, but it is traditionally aligned with the violin family.
Fretwork (music group)GuitarViolDouble bass

Question 3: Exceptions to this include less-expensive basses that have laminated (________) tops, backs, and ribs, and some newer mid-range basses made of willow.
Particle boardPlywoodEngineered woodLumber

Question 4:
Which of the following are related to Double bass?
* u0110u00E0n bu1EA7un* Duxianqinn* Ektaran* Tea chest bass
* Cornetn* Trumpetn* Flugelhornn* Bass trumpetn* Flumpet
*Violn*Bass guitarn*Acoustic bass guitarn*Electric upright bass
* Trumpetn* Cornetn* Bass trumpetn* Flumpet

Question 5:
What mountain range is Double bass a part of?

Question 6: In 1952, the upright bass was a standard instrument in ________ music, Marshall Lytle of Bill Haley & His Comets being but one example.
JazzRock and rollCountry musicBlues

Question 7: ________ penned a Sonata for double bass and piano in 1975.
Mstislav RostropovichSofia GubaidulinaDmitri ShostakovichIgor Stravinsky

Question 8: Primus's ________ used an upright bass for the song "Mr. Krinkle," from Pork Soda, and for the song "Over the Falls," from the Brown Album.
Larry LaLondeLes ClaypoolPrawn Song RecordsJay Lane

Question 9: ________, whose father was a double bass player, wrote many difficult and prominent parts for the double bass in his symphonies.
Johannes BrahmsFranz LisztFrédéric ChopinRobert Schumann

Question 10: An early bluegrass bassist to rise to prominence was Howard Watts (also known as Cedric Rainwater), who played with ________'s Blue Grass Boys beginning in 1944.
Lester FlattBill MonroeBluegrass musicEarl Scruggs

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