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Double-deck aircraft: Quiz


Question 1: Many early seaplane airliners, such as the ________ and Short Sandringham, had two decks.
Boeing 247Boeing 314C-97 StratofreighterKC-135 Stratotanker

Question 2: The first double-deck jet airliner was the widebody ________, with the top deck smaller than the main level.
Boeing 777Boeing 747Boeing 707Boeing 787

Question 3: The 747 was the Boeing bid for a US Department of Defense air cargo competition that was won by the ________, similarly double decked, but also roll-on/roll-off.
Lockheed AC-130C-130J Super HerculesC-5 GalaxyF-22 Raptor

Question 4: ________ - did not enter service.
Saunders-Roe DuchessSaunders-Roe PrincessBristol BrabazonConvair B-36

Question 5: Following World War II the Stratocruiser, a double-decked derivative of the ________, became popular with airlines around the world.
B-25 MitchellB-47 StratojetB-24 LiberatorB-29 Superfortress

Question 6: The new widebody ________ has two passenger decks extending the full length of the fuselage, as well as a full-length lower third deck for cargo.
Airbus A380Boeing 747Boeing 747-8Airbus A320 family

Question 7: ________ took delivery of the first A380-800 in a ceremony in Toulouse, France.
Cathay PacificSingapore AirlinesMalaysia AirlinesVirgin Atlantic Airways

Question 8: Lower deck lounge ________
Alaska AirlinesPacific Southwest AirlinesNorthwest AirlinesContinental Airlines


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