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Douai: Quiz


Question 1: Connected with the University were not only the ________, founded by William Allen, but also the Irish and Scottish colleges and the Benedictine, Franciscan and Jesuit houses.
Pope Gregory XIIIDouay-Rheims BibleSeminary priestEnglish College, Douai

Question 2: In 1667, Douai was taken by the troops of ________, and by the 1668 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, the town was ceded to France.
House of BourbonLouis XIV of FranceLouis XV of FranceLouis XIII of France

Question 3: The University of Douai was founded under the patronage of Phillip II, when Douai belonged to the ________.
Southern NetherlandsEighty Years' WarBatavian RepublicDutch Republic

Question 4: However, the community was expelled at the time of the French Revolution in 1793 and, after some years of wandering, finally settled at ________, Somerset, in 1814.
Downside AbbeyDownside SchoolJohn Roberts (martyr)Chester Cathedral

Question 5: It was prominent, from the 1560s until the French Revolution, as a centre for the education of English Catholics escaping the persecution in ________.
EnglandScotlandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 6: The originals, some dating from 1391 were removed in 1917 during ________ by the occupying German forces, who intended to melt them down for the metal.
Armenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)World War I

Question 7: Douai (Dutch: Dowaai) is a commune in the Nord department in northern ________.
FranceCanadaItalyUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The town became a flourishing textile market centre during the ________ under the Counts of Flanders.
Late Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesMiddle AgesHigh Middle Ages

Question 9: Jacky Henin, politician and ________
Member of the European ParliamentJim Nicholson (UK politician)Nigel FarageGraham Watson

Question 10: Located on the river Scarpe some 40 km from Lille and 25 km from ________, Douai is home to one of the region's most impressive belfries.
BéthuneArrasRely, Pas-de-CalaisCucq


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