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Question 1: The use of a dot for augmentation of a note dates back at least to the 10th century, although the exact amount of augmentation is disputed; see ________.
Musical notationAccidental (music)Ornament (music)Neume

Question 2: Use of a triple-dotted note value is not common in the Baroque and Classical periods, but quite common in the music of Richard Wagner and ________, especially in their brass parts.
Symphony No. 4 (Bruckner)Wilhelm FurtwänglerSymphony No. 8 (Bruckner)Anton Bruckner

Question 3: In Western ________, a dotted note is a note with a small dot written after it.
Classical musicMusic theoryMusical notationMusical scale

Question 4: Example 2 is a fragment of the second movement of ________'s string quartet, Op. 74, No. 2, a theme and variations.
Joseph HaydnLudwig van BeethovenWolfgang Amadeus MozartHaydn and Mozart


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