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Dosimetry: Quiz


Question 1: The largest single source of radiation exposure to the general public is naturally-occurring ________ gas, which comprises approximately 55% of the annual background dose.

Question 2: Values of wr are as high as 20 for ________ and neutrons, i.e.
ElectronAlpha particleAlpha decayAtom

Question 3: Medical dosimetry is the calculation of absorbed dose and optimization of dose delivery in ________.
Radiation therapyNuclear fusionX-rayIonizing radiation

Question 4: Radiation dosimetry is the calculation of the absorbed dose in matter and tissue resulting from the exposure to indirectly and directly ________.
Nuclear fissionX-rayRadiation therapyIonizing radiation

Question 5: Non-________ units are still prevalent as well, where dose is often reported in rads and dose equivalent in rems.
Systems of measurementMetric systemInternational System of UnitsConversion of units

Question 6: The worldwide average background dose for a human being is about 3.5 mSv per year [1], mostly from ________ and natural isotopes in the earth.
X-rayIonizing radiationCosmic rayNuclear fusion

Question 7: It is a scientific subspecialty in the fields of health physics and ________ that is focused on the calculation of internal and external doses from ionizing radiation.
Medical physicsOpticsAstrophysicsAtmospheric physics

Question 8: Graphite is used instead of water as its ________ is one-sixth that of water and therefore the temperature rises in graphite are 6 times more than the equivalent in water and measurements are more accurate.
IronHydrogenOxygenSpecific heat capacity


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