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Dorothy Hale: Quiz


Question 1:
Dorothy Hale, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Rocket are all:
Date of birth missing Actors who committed suicide Suicides in New York American stage actors

Question 2: Artist ________ created a famous painting based on the incident entitled The Suicide of Dorothy Hale.
Frida KahloWestern paintingMexico CityDiego Rivera

Question 3:
What role did Dorothy Hale play in the movie The Rise of Catherine the Great?
Empress Elisabeth
Princess Anhalt-Zerbst
Countess Olga

Question 4: [5] Pinchott would go on to take her life by ________ in January 1938.
Carbon monoxide poisoningEthylene glycol poisoningOxygen toxicityLead poisoning

Question 5: Hale married ________, mural and society portrait artist Gardiner Hale in 1927, and continued moving in creative and expensive social circles.

Question 6: [4] In the summer of 1935, Hale and her friend Rosamond Pinchott, another New York socialite and aspiring actress opened in Abide with Me, a psychological drama written by their friend ________.
Clare Boothe LuceUnited StatesRonald ReaganDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 7:
Dorothy Hale, Robert Johnson (musician) and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk are all:
Actors from New York 1938 deaths American stage actors Socialites who committed suicide

Question 8: In 1932, an acquaintance with ________ led to an uncredited role in Cynara, as well as a minor role in Catherine the Great (1934).
Audrey HepburnBob HopeSamuel GoldwynGregory Peck

Question 9:
Dorothy Hale, Jennifer Grey and Eminem are all:
People from Pennsylvania Date of birth missing 1938 deaths American film actors

Question 10:
Dorothy Hale, Jimmy Cauty and Tom "T-Bone" Wolk are all:
Dancers who committed suicide Actors from New York Date of birth missing People from Pennsylvania


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