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Question 1: ϝαργάνα Wargana female worker epithet for ________ (Delphic) (Attic Erganê) (Attic ergon work , Doric Wergon , Elean ϝάργον Wargon
AthenaGreek mythologyGreeceDemeter

Question 2: The Doric dialects by Méndez Dosuna - A History of Ancient Greek: From the Beginnings to Late Antiquity - 2007 ________
Cambridge University PressOxford University PressEnglandAuthorized King James Version

Question 3: ὀπλίαι opliai places where the ________ counted their cattles
Ancient GreeceLocriansDoriansDoric Greek

Question 4: Ἀπέλλα apella (Attic ἐκκλησία ekklēsia) "assembly in ________" (verb apellazein)
Ancient GreeceAncient Greek warfareClassical AthensSparta

Question 5:

Question 6: As Mycenaean Greek had been spoken in this dialect region in the Bronze Age, it is clear that the Dorians overran it but were unable to take ________.

Question 7: West ________ and Boeotian had come under a strong Northwest Greek influence.

Question 8: ἀγχωρίξαντας anchôrixantas[22] having transferred,postponed[23] ________ (Attic metapherô,anaballô) (anchôrizo anchi near +horizô define and Doric x instead of Attic s) (Cf.
Northern EpirusDassaretaeChaoniansEvangelis Zappas

Question 9: The 7th century BC, Spartan poet, ________, used a dialect that some consider to be predominantly Laconian.

Question 10: It was expanded to all other regions during the ________ (circa 1150 BC) and the colonisations that followed.
Dorian invasionMycenaean GreeceDoriansAncient Greece


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