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Doppler effect: Quiz


Question 1: 69, ________ (published by ICI London).
September 1959August 1959January 1959July 1959

Question 2: For waves that propagate in a medium, such as ________ waves, the velocity of the observer and of the source are relative to the medium in which the waves are transmitted.
FrequencyParticle velocitySoundSound pressure

Question 3: In Britain, ________ made an experimental study of the Doppler effect (1848).
Sir George Stokes, 1st BaronetFluid dynamicsSolitonJohn Scott Russell

Question 4: The Doppler effect is used in some types of ________, to measure the velocity of detected objects.
Ultra high frequencyX bandWeather radarRadar

Question 5: One of the limitations is that the ________ beam should be as parallel to the blood flow as possible.
LiverUltrasoundMedical ultrasonographyAcoustics

Question 6: If the sonar system is mounted on a moving ship or another submarine, then the relative ________ can be calculated.
VelocityKinematicsSpeedClassical mechanics

Question 7: Velocity measurements allow assessment of cardiac valve areas and function, any abnormal communications between the left and right side of the heart, any leaking of blood through the valves (valvular regurgitation), and calculation of the ________.
Cardiac outputBlood pressureCirculatory systemFetal circulation

Question 8: They exhibit absorption lines at well defined frequencies that are correlated with the energies required to excite ________ in various elements from one level to another.

Question 9: For waves which do not require a medium, such as light or gravity in ________, only the relative difference in velocity between the observer and the source needs to be considered.
General relativityBlack holeGravitationIntroduction to general relativity

Question 10: It has been used to measure the speed at which stars and ________ are approaching or receding from us, that is, the radial velocity.
GalaxySpiral galaxyAndromeda GalaxyMilky Way


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