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Question 1: After its initial airing, the episode was released on DVD with "Fear Her" and "________" on 25 September 2006.
Army of GhostsDoomsday (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)The Stolen Earth

Question 2: He looks up to see a woman in a wedding dress (portrayed by ________), who demands to know where she is.
The Catherine Tate ShowDavid TennantCatherine TateDoctor Who

Question 3: Some elements of the story were inspired by Philip Pullman's ________ trilogy.
The Golden Compass (film)His Dark MaterialsHis Dark Materials (play)The Amber Spyglass

Question 4: [8] A similar moratorium would be placed on the following series' finale "________".
The Sound of DrumsLast of the Time LordsJourney's End (Doctor Who)The Stolen Earth

Question 5: [5] "Doomsday" is the first episode in the history of Doctor Who where the Cybermen and the Daleks appear on-screen together; both Cybermen and Daleks were featured in The Five Doctors and "________", but in separate scenes.
Doomsday (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)Army of GhostsThe Stolen Earth

Question 6: [2] A Dalek Supreme called ________ extracts information about Earth from Singh, killing him in the process.
Cult of SkaroDalek variantsThe Stolen EarthTime War (Doctor Who)

Question 7: ________ work for Rose being sucked into the void took place on 13 January and the skirmish between the military and Cybermen on the bridge was filmed on 15 January.
Chroma keyCompositingVirtual realitySimulated reality

Question 8: Sec explains that the Cult cannot open the Ark because it is stolen ________ technology.
Doctor Who story chronologyTime LordDoctor (Doctor Who)Companion (Doctor Who)

Question 9: The two-part finale was originally going to take place in Cardiff on the time rift which was the focus of the episodes "________" and "Boom Town".
The Unquiet DeadCompanion (Doctor Who)Bad WolfDalek

Question 10: He discovers that a separate invasion is in progress, and sends ________ out to investigate.
The Stolen EarthCult of SkaroTime War (Doctor Who)Dalek variants


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