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Question 1: [36] [37] Only eight were able to attend the 64th anniversary reunion held in ________, in April 2006.
ClevelandColumbus, OhioDayton, OhioCincinnati

Question 2:
Where did Doolittle Raid take place?
Tokyo and other Japanese cities
Arroyo Seco
lakes of the Hawizeh Marsh in Iraq
Eastern Galicia, modern-day Ukraine

Question 3: The San Marcos, Texas chapter of the ________ has the actual armor plate from the pilot seat of the B-25 Colonel Doolittle flew in the raid in their museum.
Commemorative Air ForceStinson ReliantLockheed HudsonBeechcraft Model 18

Question 4:
How many casualties were there in the Doolittle Raid?
50 killed;
About 50 dead, 400 injured
about 50 killed
50 wounded

Question 5:
When was the Doolittle Raid?
December 2009
11th century

Question 6:
What was Doolittle Raid a part of?
World War II, Pacific War
Tactical Air Command
the Peninsular War
Assyrian Empire

Question 7: Doolittle would later recount in his ________ that the raid was intended to cause the Japanese to doubt their leadership and to raise American morale:
Persian languageJean-Jacques RousseauAutobiographyRhetoric

Question 8:

Question 9: [26] Doolittle subsequently recommended Birch for intelligence work with General Chennault's ________.
Flying TigersCurtiss P-40Brewster BuffaloMitsubishi Ki-21

Question 10: The 24 crews selected picked up the modified bombers in Minneapolis and flew them to Eglin Field, ________, beginning 1 March 1942.
MassachusettsNew JerseyNorth CarolinaFlorida

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