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Donovan McNabb: Quiz


Question 1: In the game, Kolb threw an interception that was returned 108 yards for a touchdown by safety ________, breaking the record he previously held for longest interception returned for a touchdown.
Ed ReedPeyton ManningRay LewisAlan Faneca

Question 2:
Which of the following colleges did Donovan McNabb attend?

Question 3: But this year they managed to win it over the ________ 27-10.
NFC South2008 Atlanta Falcons season2010 Atlanta Falcons seasonAtlanta Falcons

Question 4:
Where was Donovan McNabb born?
Hong Kong
Garfield Heights, Ohio
Greensboro, NC
Chicago, Illinois

Question 5:
In which year did Donovan McNabb make his debut?

Question 6:
Who has Donovan McNabb played for in the past?
* Washington Redskins
* New Orleans Saints
* St. Louis Rams n* Detroit Lions n* Pittsburgh Steelers
* Philadelphia Eagles

Question 7:
What team does Donovan McNabb play for?
Oakland Raiders
Arizona Cardinals
Philadelphia Eagles
Wisconsin Women's Volleyball

Question 8:
What proceeded Donovan McNabb?
current Incumbent
incumbent, currently performing as Leaf Coneybear
incumbent, currently performing as Vice Principal Douglas Panch

Question 9: Donovan Jamal McNabb (born November 25, 1976) is an ________ quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL).
Touch football (American)Gridiron footballArena footballAmerican football

Question 10:
Which of the following titles did Donovan McNabb have?
Philadelphia Eagles Starting Quarterbacks
Philadelphia Eagles Starting Right Tackles
Cardinal Archbishop of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks

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