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Donna Troy: Quiz


Question 1: Donna Troy is a comic book superheroine published by ________.
DC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)BatmanSuperman

Question 2: This version had it that she was originally created by the Amazon sorceress Magala as a magical duplicate of the young Princess Diana of ________ (a nod to the original Wonder Girl) to be a playmate for Diana, who was previously the only child on the island.
Wonder WomanHippolyta (DC Comics)PhilippusThemyscira

Question 3:
Who created Donna Troy?
Oscar Pinto, Francisco Haghenbeck
Kevin O'Neill
Bruno Premiani
Pat Mills

Question 4:

Question 5:
When did Donna Troy make his debut?
Superman Annual, 2 #12
vol. 1 #60
Daredevil #157

Question 6: She is confronted by ________, who seeks her out as a kindred spirit; the two cross paths while investigating Duela's murder.
Jason ToddCatwomanBarbara GordonBatman

Question 7: She, amongst other Justifiers, attacked the ________ Checkmate HQ.

Question 8: During this incident Donna was seemingly reunited with her son via virtual reality, but with the aid of ________, realized it was not real.
Barbara GordonNightwingDick GraysonBatman

Question 9: Donna Troy has now discovered that like every other person after the ________, she is a merger of every alternate version of Donna Troy in the Multiverse.
Infinite CrisisFinal CrisisCrisis on Infinite EarthsOne Year Later

Question 10: During the "________" storyline event, Donna Troy has assumed the mantle of Wonder Woman after Diana stepped down following the Crisis, feeling the need to 'find out who Diana is'.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsOne Year LaterInfinite CrisisCountdown to Final Crisis


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