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Question 1: [2] A sequel, Destination: Saturn was published in 1967 in collaboration with ________.
S. T. JoshiLin CarterH. P. LovecraftRamsey Campbell

Question 2: He was also able to give a number of British writers — Michael Moorcock, E. C. Tubb, ________, Barrington Bayley, Michael Coney — a new American audience.
David LangfordJean de la HireInterzone (magazine)Brian Stableford

Question 3: Then Wollheim changed everything when he brought out an unauthorized paperback edition of ________'s The Lord of the Rings in three volumes — the first mass-market paperback edition of Tolkien's epic.
Beowulf: The Monsters and the CriticsJ. R. R. Tolkien's influencesThe HobbitJ. R. R. Tolkien

Question 4: Among the authors who made their paperback debuts in Ace doubles were Philip K. Dick, Samuel R. Delany, Leigh Brackett, Ursula K. Le Guin, ________, and John Brunner.
The StarlostHarlan EllisonAngry CandySlippage (book)

Question 5: [10] It included work by Robert A. Heinlein, Theodore Sturgeon, T. S. Stribling, Stephen Vincent Benét, ________, and H.

Question 6: In the early 1960s, Ace reintroduced Edgar Rice Burroughs' work, which had long been out of print, and in 1965, Ace bought the paperback rights to ________.
Sediment transportDrainage basinOxbow lakeDune

Question 7: [12] ________' first book, Junkie, was published as an Ace double.
Naked LunchDead City Radio (album)Beat GenerationWilliam S. Burroughs

Question 8: [2] Wollheim invented the ________ series which consisted of pairs of books, usually by different authors, bound back-to-back with two "front" covers.
Donald A. WollheimAce BooksList of Ace double novelsScience fiction

Question 9: A founding member of the Futurians, he was one of the leading influences on the development of ________ and science fiction fandom in the 20th century United States.
CyberpunkParallel universe (fiction)Alternate historyScience fiction

Question 10: Donald Allen Wollheim (1 October 1914 – 2 November 1990) was an American science fiction writer, editor, ________ and fan.
Mass mediaProofreadingPublishingEditing


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