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Don't Copy That Floppy: Quiz


Question 1: Don't Copy That 2 (Official Sequel to Don't Copy That Floppy) at ________
GoogleGoogle VideosYouTubeGoogle search

Question 2: Version available for download at the ________
Amazon KindleGoogle BooksInternet ArchiveCalibre (software)

Question 3: It has also highlighted it as an example of classic bubblegum ________ with long-run staying power.
GraffitiHip hopHip hop musicRapping

Question 4: (The games the video chooses as examples—The Oregon Trail, ________, and the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? series—were among the most successful and bestselling games of the late-1980s to mid-1990s).
Tetris (Game Boy)Tetris: The Soviet Mind GameTetrisTetris DS

Question 5: In later years, the film became a viral video sensation through websites such as ________, where the official page has had over 500,000 views as of September 2008.
YouTubeGoogle searchGoogleGoogle Videos

Question 6: Don’t Copy That Floppy was an anti-________ campaign run by the Software Publishers Association (SPA) beginning in 1992.
Copyright infringementPublic domainDigital rights managementAnti-copyright

Question 7: The rap video portion is interspersed with interviews of artists, writers, programmers and a ________.
LawyerLegal educationShariaCommon law

Question 8: Don't Copy That Floppy (Official Video - Digitally Remastered) at ________
Google VideosGoogleYouTubeGoogle search

Question 9: Upon inserting his blank floppy disk into the Apple ________ a video pops up on the computer.
Macintosh LCPowerBook DuoMacintosh LC 500 seriesApple IIe Card

Question 10: These people are the staff responsible for design of an early version of the game Neverwinter Nights (then an ________ MMORPG) and allows them to explain the issue in greater detail:
JapanNetscapeUnited StatesAOL

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