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Dominionism: Quiz


Question 1: The most prominent modern formulation of Dominion Theology is ________, founded by R. J. Rushdoony in the 1970s.
CalvinismChristian ReconstructionismTheonomyDominionism

Question 2: ________, the Canadian sociologist of religion, questions whether scholars have adequately distinguished Schaeffer's views from theonomy, in describing both as "dominionism".
Karla PoeweNew religious movementTheologyIrving Hexham

Question 3: Dominion Theology is a grouping of theological systems[4] with the common belief that society should be governed exclusively by the law of God as codified in the Bible, to the exclusion of secular law, a view also known as ________.

Question 4: [9] His book, film and lecture series, Whatever Happened to the Human Race?,[51] co-authored with ________, toured Christian colleges and churches in the early 1980s.
Joycelyn EldersC. Everett KoopJulius B. RichmondAntonia Novello

Question 5: [citation needed] In his tract A Christian Manifesto,[52] he called upon Christians to directly resist these influences in the public sphere, by means including ________.
Henry David ThoreauCivil disobedienceAnarchismMohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Question 6: [76] In modern times, ________ and Political Research Associates have written extensively and critically about dominionism, defining it (as discussed above) as a theocratically-inclined faction within the Christian Right.
AntisemitismFascismChip BerletKu Klux Klan

Question 7: [10][41][63][20] ________, Joan Bokaer, Katherine Yurica, and TheocracyWatch define dominionism more broadly.
Chris HedgesChristopher HitchensUnited StatesBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 8: Christians typically interpret this verse as meaning that God gave humankind responsibility over the ________, but theologians do not all agree on the nature and extent of that "dominion".

Question 9: Supporters of the ________ believe this article confirms that the government of the United States was specifically intended to be religiously neutral.
Biblical canonCriticism of IslamSeparation of church and stateSecularism

Question 10: ________ was likely the first significant critic of dominionism.
Martin LutherPhilipp MelanchthonProtestant ReformationLutheranism


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