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Question 1: Corondor lies east of the Burning Isles and north of ________.
JamuraaNemesis (Magic: The Gathering)DominariaMirage (Magic: The Gathering)

Question 2: They are led by creatures called ________, who are like intelligent squids who can be powerful magic users.
PhyrexiaTime SpiralList of species in Magic: The GatheringMagic: The Gathering

Question 3: Because of the ________ living within the trench, it forms a nasty north-south divide in the Dominarian waters that's probably a real challenge for merfolk to pass through safely.
List of species in Magic: The GatheringMagic: The GatheringPhyrexiaTime Spiral

Question 4: The ________ Teferi phased out a large part of Shiv to secure it against Yawgmoth's invasion of Dominaria.
PlaneswalkerUrzaMagic: The GatheringFuture Sight

Question 5: In the fictional world of the ________ trading card game Magic:The Gathering, Dominaria is a plane where every other Magic plane intersects (the Dominian Nexus).
FantasyFairy taleNovelSpeculative fiction

Question 6: Founded by ________ in order to learn to travel back in time to meet the Thran, staffed with the best and brightest mages he could find.
UrzaPhyrexiaAntiquities (Magic: The Gathering)Planeswalker

Question 7: The name means Freedom's Warmth in Vodalian tongue, but became corrupted into ________ by the sea-faring human merchants they traded with.

Question 8: Led by Latulla, Keldon overseer and artificer, Keld even invaded ________.
DominariaJamuraaNemesis (Magic: The Gathering)Mirage (Magic: The Gathering)

Question 9: Hordes of ________ roam the wild and barbaric countryside and the vast pine forests.

Question 10: Ultimately fallout from ________'s dangerous time-travel experiments caused time storms to ravage the island.
UrzaPhyrexiaPlaneswalkerAntiquities (Magic: The Gathering)


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