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Question 1: For use of the term "dominant" as a reciting tone in ________, see church modes.
TransubstantiationPope Gregory IGregorian chantCatholic Church

Question 2: A cadential dominant chord followed by a tonic chord (the chord of the key of the piece) is denominated as ________.
Cadence (music)Chord (music)Andalusian cadenceChord progression

Question 3: If the roots are in the bass and the tonic is in the highest voice, it is called a ________.
Andalusian cadenceChord (music)Cadence (music)Chord progression

Question 4: That said however, all peoples of the earth, and evidently, some animals, experience the sensation of ________.
HarmonyMusical modeMusical scaleTonality

Question 5: In the ________ and the Turkish makam, scales are made up of trichords, tetrachords and pentachords (each called a jins in Arabic), with the tonic of a maqam being the lowest note of the lower jins and the dominant being that of the upper jins.
Arabic musicMusical scaleArabian maqamMajor scale

Question 6: The dominant (________) has the role of creating instability that requires the tonic or goal-tone for release.
TonalityChord (music)Diatonic functionDominant (music)

Question 7: The dominant ([[diatonic system or ________]]) is a psycho-acoustic phenomenon.
Harmonic functionDerivativeSobolev spaceLaplace operator


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