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Dominance hierarchy: Quiz


Question 1: A dominance hierarchy (in humans: ________) is the organization of individuals in a group that occurs when competition for resources leads to aggression.
Social stratificationWorking classSociologySocial class

Question 2: Such phenomena as the audience effect, the context-dependent audience effect in Betta fish (________), the observer effect, and the winner-loser effect, may play important roles in the formation of dominance hierarchies in social groups.
Siamese fighting fishClimbing gouramiPeaceful bettaGourami

Question 3: Dominance ________ occur in most social animal species, including primates who normally live in groups.
HumanOrganizational hierarchyBiological organisationHierarchy

Question 4: Dominance hierarchies have been extensively studied in fish, ________, and mammals.
Modern birdsBirdEnantiornithesArchaeopteryx

Question 5: Dominance hierarchies, though often more subtle, can be observed in human societies and are important for understanding the organization of ________, tribe or clan, work organizations, politics, etc.

Question 6: Female dominance is a very rare social structure in mammals, and it is only observed consistently in ________ and lemurs.
Spotted HyenaCarnivoraHyenaBear

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