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Question 1: More importantly, these foxes had floppy ears, smaller skulls, rolled tails and other traits commonly found in ________.
DogCoat (dog)Dog healthDog breed

Question 2: Some plants were not domesticated until recently such as the ________ and the pecan.
Dietary fiberReference Daily IntakeProteaceaeMacadamia

Question 3: Hybrids can be wild, domesticated, or both: a ________ is a hybrid of two wild animals, a mule is a hybrid of two domesticated animals, and a beefalo is a cross between a wild and a domestic animal.

Question 4: In East Asia ________, rice, and soy were the most important crops.
MaizeBuckwheatMilletCommercial sorghum

Question 5: The first animal to be domesticated appears to have been the dog, in the ________ era; this preceded the domestication of other species by several millennia.
Stone Age10th millennium BC8th millennium BCUpper Paleolithic

Question 6: Large animals such as ________ require many years before they reach a useful size.
LionHippopotamusAsian ElephantElephant

Question 7: Likewise, animals domesticated for home companionship are usually called pets while those domesticated for food or work are called ________ or farm animals.

Question 8: Cases include the mallard duck, wildcat, wild boar, the ________ or pigeon, the Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) (ancestor of all chickens), carp, and more recently salmon.
ColumbidaeRaccoonPeregrine FalconRock Pigeon

Question 9: ________ which makes it unlikely to panic — A creature with a nervous disposition is difficult to keep in captivity as they will attempt to flee whenever they are startled.
NeuroscienceTemperamentMyers-Briggs Type IndicatorFour Temperaments

Question 10: Some areas of the world such as Southern Africa, ________, California and southern South America never saw local species domesticated.
United KingdomAustraliaCanadaBarbados


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