Domain (biology): Quiz

Question 1: There are some alternative classifications of ________:

Question 2: In biological taxonomy, a domain (also superregnum, superkingdom, or empire) is the highest taxonomic rank of ________, higher than a kingdom.

Question 3: The two-empire system or superdomain system, with top-level groupings of Prokaryota (or Monera), Eukaryota and the recently discovered ________ empires.

Question 4: According to the three-domain system of Carl Woese, introduced in 1990, the Tree of Life consists of three domains: ________, Bacteria and Eukarya.

Question 5: As these groupings depend primarily on the analysis of genetic sequence data and ________, additional proposed arrangements are to be expected.
Computational phylogeneticsCladisticsPhylogeneticsClade

Question 6: The arrangement of taxa reflects the fundamental differences in the ________.

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