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Dollz: Quiz


Question 1: Within the dolling community, the term ________[4] generally refers to the copyright laws and stated rules, or "terms of use" many dollers impose for use of their artwork.
UsenetInstant messagingNetiquetteInternet Relay Chat

Question 2: The first digital version of this concept was the ________, invented in 1991.
DollzKisekae Set SystemJapanGIMP

Question 3: Direct linking, aka inline linking, or ________ is another common copyright (and bandwidth) problem in dolling communities.
Hypertext Transfer ProtocolUniform Resource LocatorInline linkingHTTP cookie

Question 4: Dollz, cartoon dolls or pixel dolls are small ________ digital images, generally of people.
Color Graphics AdapterPixelRGB color modelDisplay resolution

Question 5: "Dolling" has become a widespread Internet phenomenon[citation needed], spawning numerous ________, communities, forums, online competitions and other activities.
Web designWebsiteHTMLWorld Wide Web

Question 6: Some dollers sell their digital art commercially and their graphic images are either used as ________ or on merchandise.
Scalable Vector GraphicsClip artAdobe SystemsMacintosh

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